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The curriculum and instruction methods used at The Achieve Academy are as varied as the population we serve.
Our goal is to find ways to teach each child that are customized to their learning style, academic level and demographic profile. We understand that every learner is unique and requires individual and ongoing assessment to promote growth in learning. Several research-based curriculum programs are used. Our specialized faculty provides modifications, accommodations and individual supports to ensure that each student is making gains in every aspect of school experience.
The Achieve Academy strives to provide standards-based instruction in all academic areas. Although students are exposed to the Common Core and Florida State Standards, individualized instruction is utilized to accentuate strengths and provide remediation for academic deficiencies. The teachers and staff at The Achieve Academy are well versed in implementing various prescriptive programs that have been designed to focus on individual needs.
SRA Corrective Reading   
Corrective Reading is a research-based, direct instruction teaching program that involves teaching critical thinking skills and strategies to enhance comprehension. Through guided and independent practice, students assume responsibility for their learning. Skills and strategies are presented explicitly and broken down into component parts. Frequent practice is provided to ensure mastery of each of the processes and skills.
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The A Beka Book Reading Program has been a success story nationwide for many years because it uses a superior phonics approach to beginning reading. This is an intensive phonicsprogram, not just a sight reading program garnished with phonics. The intensive phonics approach is taught systematically throughout the kindergarten and lower elementary curriculum to ensure continued growth in skills.
Saxon Math  
No matter how well students initially learn a concept, if they are not able to retain their learning, connect it to other concepts, and apply it in problem-solving situations, they have not reached mastery. Saxon Math™ is designed to support the long-term mastery and applications that will make a difference during testing and in students’ future education and careers.
Florida State Standards
As a basis for curriculum and to prepare our students for life, the Florida State Standards are used to monitor content. Curriculum maps guide instruction across grade levels to ensure that language arts, mathematics, science and social studies content are covered in a comprehensive way. In accordance to IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), instruction using the Common Core Standards will take place in the classroom setting using Individual Learning Plan (ILP) goals that have been correlated to ensure students obtain the necessary education for academic and independent success.​To the extent that our students are functioning below grade level, the Access Points are referenced in order to provide a guide to modifications necessary to prepare our students to the greatest extent possible. We recognize that students need to be exposed to all academic areas to build their background knowledge and promote individual interests. Our goal is to provide a school experience that is meaningful and practical.